Nail(asaurus)ed It!

11:38 AM

Today the 31 day challenge is to recreate a design by your favorite blogger.  I have a few favorites but today I decided to go with one from Sam at The Nailasaurus.  I actually think in retrospect it wasn't the best choice because Sam and I have quite different nail shapes and sizes.  It's kind of like when you take a picture of a celebrity in for a haircut but it comes out looking totally different because your hair type is nothing like said celebrities.  Not that I hate this design.  I thin it's quite sweet but my nail wasn't wide enough to accommodate the design the way Sam's did and because her nails are square and mine are almond I had some issues filling the space.  It's also taught me that I sorely need some new nail art brushes.  Despite the MILLIONS I have none are really small enough for intricate lines so everything looks kind of blobby.  At any rate here they are! You can see her original version here! :)

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  1. So very cute! A different take on a fun new V-Day mani ~

  2. These look lovely! I love this design!

  3. nice to see this sort of pop art on your nails xx

  4. Love this! You did a fabulous job! I knew who's mani you were creating even before I read your title! :)


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