It ain't easy being green...

5:00 AM

Today the 31 day challenge inspiration is three shades of yellow or green.  Seeing as I never wear yellow I felt green was going to be a much easier way to go! Choosing the colors turned out to be much harder than I had anticipated though.  I have LOTS of green but many of them are minty and short of mixing three shades of mint I felt there were no greens that complimented them.  Even amongst the others finding three distinct shades which went well together wasn't the easiest. I started with the idea to marble half my nail so that made it harder since I wanted to use cremes for that.  In the end I didn't have the time to wait on them to dry enough to tape off sections for the marbling. I know, shocker, I didn't have time for a tape mani. lol...sooooo...I grabbed a glitter and then stamped a fun print on instead. I don't LOVE this design but I'm happy with it.  I definitely need to organize my collection again to make it easier to find things though! I hope you enjoy!

Here's a picture in full sun! The sparklies are so pretty but they distracted from the stamped design! :)

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