Flashback Friday; These things go round...

5:00 AM

Today's 31 day challenge inspiration was a white base.  I don't know why because I use white bases ALL the time BUT...I freaked out a little on this one.  I think after having some fairly specific days I got a little uneasy at such a wide parameter.  SO....the other day whilst perusing the web to see if I'd already used a certain title for one of my blogs (does that ever happen to you? lol) I came across a real gem of a mani from 2011.  Though the original mani was done on a light grey base I felt that white would work well too so I ran with it. So today you get a double dose of art!  Above you can see my version today.  Originally I think I had some trouble with the stamping, this being from my early stamping days, and in an effort to help it I decided to fill in the stamp some with a nail art brush.  I used the same stamp and color for stamping and I still didn't love the way it transferred but it certainly didn't go on terribly.  I filled in less of the circles this round and went with a matte topcoat instead of shiny.   I didn't love the end results the first time and I really still don't.  When you stamp the color transfer is much lighter than when you fill in with a brush so there's just a weird difference in the shade that bothers me.  However....I think I did a MUCH more preferable job this go round!  Scroll down for the original...if you dare!!

Don't get me wrong, I do like the design of this and I really like the blue on grey too.  I think for some reason the difference in depth of color is less noticeable on the original design and that may be due to the darker base. I think I like it better filled in more too but I wanted to leave it more clean this round.  But good grief check out that terrible cleanup and ragged mess of cuticles! I think this was from the days before blogging was anything for me other than a way to show my nails off to family and keep them all in one place for me to keep track of my progress!  At any rate, which version is your favorite?

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  1. White base is such a huge parameter, but I like what you ended up with here!

  2. I love the look, and the change in your nails is epic! Both were great!

  3. I definitely like the second version better. The color variation that you speak of is not even noticeable. Love your present shape too.


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