It's a zigra!

5:00 AM

Today's theme for the Crumpets Nail Tarts 31 day challenge is half and half.  I thought about this one for awhile without anything really coming to mind.  I considered doing half matte half glossy and I considered half black and half white.  Then I thought maybe I'd do a half moon mani with negative space as in...half painted half not! But then something else occurred to me. Something I see A LOT on nail art boards and forums is the above; zebra/tiger print.  Here, ladies and gentleman, is a zebra:

Zebra's have these nice, wide stripes all over them.  For the most part they're pretty evenly spaced and not really too windy. Now for the tiger:

Arguably, there are different types of tigers and each has a different type of stripe. As well different tigers have different stripes BUT I think we can agree here that tiger stripes most definitely are NOT the same as zebra stripes.  When doing nail art though, they seem to work so seamlessly as one, no?
I hope you enjoyed my "zigra" nails!

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