Don' t judge a bug by her spots...

5:00 AM

Day eight of the Crumpets Nail Tarts 31 day challenge is to use a red base. I struggled with this one! I don't really own many reds and they're not really a color I like to use.  It seems weird I guess because it's sort of the standard for polish but it's just not my thing.   I had a stamp for lady bugs so it seemed like a nice, easy out...joke's on me though because my stamp actually stamps the RED parts of the lady bug -- not the black ones.  Since I had already started with the idea though I just went ahead and freehanded it.  Also for some reason my top coat was SUPER DUPER shiny when I took this picture cause there is mad glare. So apologies for both the sad bugs and the sad photography! I hope you enjoy them anyway! :)

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