Drawkcab Hcnerf....

7:00 AM

For today's post I have another recreation of a New York Fashion Week look. This is a simple reverse french. Nude on the top, white at the base. I love this look for a few reasons.  One: It's really edgy and fun.  Two: It's stupid easy. And three: it really works to your advantage if you have smaller nails, ESPECIALLY if they're rounded. Because the focus is at the base of the nail, this draws the eyes away from the short tip. Also, because the rest of the nail is kept nude and the rounded shape and embellished lunula make the nail appear to be more narrow and long.  It's really a win/win!  It reminds me of a look I did last year around the holidays with glitter sponged at the base of a nude nail.

The second look is a bit more subtle and a little more girly but the idea is the same. It really creates the illusion of a longer nail. 

How do you like this look? Do you prefer the half moon or the glitter?

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  1. I prefer the glitter! Half moons have never really been my favorite.


  2. ♥ BEAUTIFUL looks! It looks awesome!


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