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As you all know, it's small nails month on my blog and I wanted to show you some of my most favorite bloggers who wear their nails shorter for this month! Today I have a guest post from the amazing Kerrie over at Pish Posh and Polish. Please check out her crazy cool blog when you get a moment! Without further a do...

Hi there, I’m Kerrie and I blog over at PishPosh and Polish, I really pleased that I am able to guest post over at Bee Polished, not only is Bee on of my blogging besties but she is also a fellow short-nail blogger!
I am really glad Bee is doing this series of post to celebrate shorter nails because from my personal experience, they normal get a lot of hate in the nail blogging community.   So lets get this out of the way shall we? I’m never going to have long nails! In fact these photos show my nails at the longest they have been in a while! Why is that? Well I play Guitar and I cannot fret at all with long nails. About two years ago when I started my blog and nail polish started to become a bigger deal for me I had to make the choice, do I blog and stop playing the guitar or stop my blog before I had even started it? Well I chose a happy medium and two years later I am really pleased with how my little blog has progressed and I have lots of loyal followers who don’t care about my nubbins!
But saying that you will always get hate when you have short nails, and this really upset me. I was really lucky recently to get featured on the Zoya Facebook page and I was so thrilled about it and then I got this comment “errgh, why do people who bite their nails take photos?”, um... hello? When does shorter nails automatically equate to biting them? I mean honestly! I’ve learnt to embrace my shot nails and I’m sure if you are still reading this you do too!
The phrase my mother always taught me comes to mind “do unto others as you want done unto you”- basically BE NICE!
So today’s manicure is my first attempt at a sponge gradient and I really love the result. I have used a base of Fashionista Mystical Dragon which is a brand I think you can only get here in the UK, it is a lovely blue toned teal with lots of yummy glass flecks. I then used a sponge to dab on Revlon Rainforest to my tips which is a darker green which also is jammed packed with glass flecks. The two colours really merge together well and looks lovely and decadent on the nail!
I think a gradient really has the effect of elongating shorter nails, it looks really elegant!
Anyway I want to say thanks for Bee for letting me post on her blog and feel free to pop over to PishPosh and Polish and say Hi. I would love to hear your opinions on shorter nails and the way blogging can sometimes have a nasty streak! If you have haterz (whether you have short nails or not!) please don’t let it get you down, blog for yourself and as long as you are happy polishing it really doesn’t matter!
Kerrie x

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  1. loveee the color shifting flakes. i might have to pick these up!


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