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We're still chugging along with small nails month here at Bee Polished! I promised you guest posts and today I have another one for you! This time it comes from Kirsten of The Geeky Owl! Kirsten always thinks outside the box with her nail art and she loves a lot of the same colors and things as me so that made her a really easy choice for this month's guest post!  Of course, she also rocks the shorter nail look and does it quite fabulously! Don't forget to check out her blog, The Geeky Owl!

I am so excited to be a part of Bee's Small Nails Month! I love that she is doing this feature. Because I sometimes I sit and go through my bloglovin feed and marvel at all the long gorgeous nails that all these bloggers have while looking down at my nubbins. But you know what? I have now come to embrace my nubbins! My small nails can be glorious too!

If you go read through my blog and see the earlier posts, you'll come across longer nails, but they kept breaking or peeling, even with nail treatments. So I tried a shorter/longer version and still they would break. I would also get really bad curving on my index if I let it grow too long. Well, I was sick of fighting it and found if I kept them at a certain length then they were healthy! Less breaks (can't ever say no breaks right?) and no peeling! I find this length to be my optimal nail length.

I love it. Sure, I still look in awe at the long nails that grace other blogs, but you know what? I can scoop out my hair cream and not have it all up under my nail! (one of my pet peeves when my nails get longer!) And even though I have small nails, I can still do nail art! A bonus is that most nail stamping plates fit my nails because they are small! I don't have to worry about the size of the image on the plate! (Now, this is also because I don't have very wide nail beds either). Another bonus? I use less polish? Right? The shorter the nail the less polish! :) Money saved!

In my photo I used Gosh Fairytale as a base and stamped using Konad White and Konad M83.

Another great thing about small nails? They look fab in dark bold colors! Actually, small nails can rock all colors because they are fabulous! :)

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  1. Thank you for letting me do this! It was fun!

  2. yay Kirsten! such a cute mani (as always)

  3. Geeks are a very-hard-to-please - if not the most hard-to-please - bunch, simply because most of them have intelligence way far superior compared to mere mortals, or because they just have a little bit different tastes than most people.

    Cool Geeky Gadgets


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