Tart With a Twist

7:28 PM

We're still chugging along with Small Nails month here at Bee Polished! Today I have another NYFW inspired nail look for you!  This one was inspired by the butter LONDON for Nicole Miller nail art look.  They actually used their new lacquer, The 444 which is a champagne glitter but I like the holographic effect of Tart With a Heart so I went with that. This is another look that is really made for shorter nails because the base is very sheer and on a longer nail the super dark tips might overwhelm the look. I also tend to think that dark french tops on nails with a free edge tends to make it look like you have dirty nails!  Although I'll admit I like the edgy side of it and do rock it here and there. I used The Black Knight to do the tips and these nails sparkled like nothing else! Glitter is also a great way to go when you're growing nails out because it lasts a bit longer than a standard creme polish which makes it ideal for putting on and forgetting about it! Here's the original Fashion Week look:

Do you like this look? Do you think it would be better on shorter or longer nails?

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  1. I think it looks great on short nails!!
    As soon as I saw this come up in my feed i thought of those sour cola bottle lollies straight away!! yummy!!
    Since I can't paste pictures in comments the best I could do was paste a link...sorry (honestly it's not a link to my blog, just a pic of the sour cola bottle lollies) see what i mean? :D I want to eat them! http://www.candycorner.co.nz/prestashop/img/p/219-263-large.jpg

  2. I think this look is more subtle on shorter nails, which I like!! x


  3. How do you make the black fade like that? I love these! My attempt and its deep black the whole way.

    1. Jennie I used a sponge to lightly add the black glitter and concentrated it more at the tips!


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