butter LONDON Horse Power Week 4

7:00 AM

Well we are at the end of week four on butter LONDON Horse Power and this is how my nails look today. I lost a corner of my index nail but I'm pretty sure it's related to the kitty claw injury I sustained early on. Overall my nails seem pretty much the same as they would if I grew them out without strengthener. I did have some peeling with this one as well. Much less than with the OPI and most of it is limited to my index finger so I can't say for certain it was caused by the butter LONDON because I did have an injury. But I also have a few small ones towards the tip of my middle finger. It did seem to prevent staining fairly well and no scary skin growth like with the Rejuvacote. I also like that it's clear so when you want to reapply over polish it doesn't alter the color. I certainly would recommend it to anyone who wants to try out a strengthener. Overall my preference of the three I've tried was the Rejuvacote but I liked that this applies easily and dries quickly. You also don't need to take weeks off like with the Rejuvacote (although they recommend you do!). I'm going to show you the difference between this hand and the hand I left unpolished next week and I really encourage you to check back with that post because it's important to see what polishing really does to your nails. It DOES damage them (though very minimally) and that's why I always recommend growing them out polish free for a few weeks before you resume your polish routine so you get a nice, strong, fresh base to start with. Have you ever used this product? Did you have good results?

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  1. IDK what to get? Have you tried other hardeners? I am using Orly Nailtrition on one hand and Nail Magic on the other. Nail Magic has formaldehyde and IDK what to do? I was going to try them for 6 weeks and see what I like and return the other. Nailtrition feels like a poor basecoat but maybe my nails are adjusting to it and it will get better? Nail Magic has more noticeable results with 1 application than a weeks worth of Nailtrition. I want an effective but safe product and it seems the bad ingredients yield better results. =/


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