Flashback Friday: Pop Art!

7:00 AM

It's the final day of the Digital Dozen Skittle Challenge and for today we're going to have a little Flashback Friday! The nails you see above come to you all the way from back in March of 2011 when I had just started blogging and was very new to the world of free hand nail art! In fact, Pop Art! was the fourth post to ever hit my little blog.  I had these weird decals I got somewhere and I wanted to use one and it sort of ended up with this! I used a stamp for the dots and I was so very proud of myself for that free handed word on the bottom! Those were the days before clean-up (and the days when I still REALLY needed it!) and before I bothered really worrying about a uniform shape for my nails. So how did the flash forward come out?

I used primary colors this time since they're more pop art than neons. I still had a decal but it looks kind of spongy now! I don't mind it though cause it reminds me of how my brush art sometimes looks when I don't want to be heavy handed.  I freehanded my dots this go round as well although they're not as uniform as I'd like so I almost wish I'd stuck to stamping! All in all though, I prefer the new look! Which is your favorite?

And don't forget to check out my fellow dozeners art below!!

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  1. They both look great! I love the decal!

  2. I really love 'blasts from the past' like this! Loving the original colors AND the re-do. You've definitely improved a ton, too :)

  3. Ha! i love the flashback. super neat!

  4. This looks great! I love the flashback idea!! =)

  5. I love Pop Art nails! The colors are great on this.

  6. I like the colors on the original, because they are unexpected. The new one definitely looks more polished though. (*rim shot*) I really love pop art anything though, and these are no exception!


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