butter LONDON Horse Power: Week Three

7:00 AM

 It's the end of another week with the butter LONDON Horse Power treatment and it's time for a check in! Still no major changes this week. My nails are growing quite nicely and I don't notice any peels yet. You might notice on my index finger that my free edge is a bit wonky. In a freak accident of sorts my cat got her claw up UNDER my nail bed and hurt like a bastard is really an understatement. It separated my nail from the bed and left a nasty scratch which is still growing out.  Overall though, the progress seems mostly the same as with the other treatments. No peelies as with the OPI but we've still another week to go yet so you never know!  This week I decided to ditch the round shape. I usually only keep it while my nails are shorter as it helps to keep me from snagging them and also it makes them look a bit longer.

They look a bit shorter now but I'm happy to be back to squares! Are you getting excited to see the final weeks results?

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  1. Yes!! I've been looking for something like this. Interested to see how it turns out.

  2. I ADORE your nails short and square like this, they look so perfect and elegant <3


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