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Small nails month continues and today I want to show you all that while in the blogging world talons are considered the norm, in the real world, they aren't necessarily!! Even celebrities with their perfect hair and skin generally have shorter nails!! You've already seen me show off designs sported by Demi Lovato, Busy Phillips and Zooey Dechanel, all sporting shorter nails! Here are some other celebrites who keep them on the shorter side!!

While Ke$ha has been known to sport crazy nail enhancements as well, she generally keeps her nails short...and wild!

Katy Perry always has a different trendy design on her nails! She rarely sports them longer than the tip of her finger.

Zooey Deschanel is one of my favorite style icons! She always rocks cute designs and short, polished nails.

There are PLENTY of other examples of this on the web and as I've already pointed out, most models keep their nails short as well so that they can be easily polished, enhanced, etc.  The nail art I'm rocking today is based on some art another of my favorite short nailed celebs, Demi Lovato, wore awhile back. I jazzed mine up with Zoya Storm, a holographic glittery black.

Who is your favorite celebrity who rocks the short nails?

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  1. Fun post to see some celeb's nails in one place. Out of these I prefered Demi Lovato's nails, they where more edgy and rock like than the others. Which I like for my own nails. :D

  2. Love this post, short nails can be just as creative!


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