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Well it's finally here! It's October and this year October is the month of the SMALL NAIL on Bee Polished!! On Saturday, I told you how I had nubbinized my nails for job interviewing. As they're growing back to their medium/short length, I want to show you all how much fun shorter nails can be!  This is a perfect time to do this because NYFW just happened and if you surf for nail art from the event you'll notice that all the models have short, rounded nails. Very classic and very versatile.  This is actually a look from last years fashion week but I love it.  It works really well on shorter nails because the ratio of the neon to white is much better. I love brighter colors anyway on a short nail because I feel like it's not as flashy as on longer nails! Plus this look is wickedly easy to achieve and because the color is concentrated at the ends, it can actually draw the attention up and make shorter nails less stubby looking, especially if you have wider nail beds!  I hope you all have fun exploring the world of short nails with me this month! Do any of you keep your nails shorter? Would you try this look?

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