The Digit-al Dozen does....SKITTLES

7:00 AM

It's Skittle Week over at The Digit-al Dozen!  For day one I decided to do a sort of reverse gradient type of look.  First I polished my nails in gradually darker colors from index to pinky. Then I reversed the order and added the gradient to the tips.  It came out pretty nicely although the middle two nails had a much more subtle change than the outer two and it wasn't incredibly obvious in person! Having as much polish as I do it was a lot harder than I expected to find the right blues to do this with. Some were too green or too purple....but I made it work!

This week is the first Digit-al Dozen challenge since we launched our new media sites so PLEASE check out the website this week for behind the scenes bonus features and so much more! And check out the other ladies art below, as always!

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  1. This is the most creative skittle i've seen so far!

  2. I love the gradient and colors on the two middle fingers.

  3. fantastic blue shades!! its very dreamy!

  4. Beautiful ombré! You're's so hard to get the shades correct, especially when doing a mani as delicate as this. Would you share the polish brands/names you used? Thank you!

  5. Beautiful! I adore these gradients!

  6. This is so soft and subtle. The blue is so calming also :)


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