Hearts of Blue...

7:00 AM

It's day three of the Skittles challenge week with The Digital Dozen!  I really don't know where the inspiration for these nails came from. I saw the color combination somewhere and really liked it and then I just sort of randomly put patterns on the top! I like the idea of skittles but I'm more of a one or two nails kind of girl than a "let's do every nail different" one! It works great when the patterns and colors mesh but it's so hard to know until it's done so I played it safe by just mixing up bases and patterns! I hope you're enjoying the week! I created this look with a brand new brush set I got for review from the Born Pretty website! The full review will be up next month but I can't wait to show you all the awesome brush sizes and shapes! It really has opened up a whole new world of design for me! Please don't forget to check out what the other girls came up with below! And if you're following along on Vine or Twitter be sure to check in today for a preview of some upcoming designs!

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