Butter LONDON Horse Power: Week Two

7:00 AM

So it's week two and it's time to check in on how my nails are doing with the butter LONDON Horse Power treatment. Honestly so far they seem to be doing about the same as they would with no treatment. They're not growing any faster than my other hand but they're also not breaking so I suppose maybe it's doing SOME good. Also good is that I've so far had no peeling which seems to be a common problem for me with strengtheners.  I'm going to let them go one more week before I square them off just to make sure I have enough length to soften the corners.  But so far so good! They're looking really healthy!  I've followed the original instructions to wear it for one week, applying daily and then remove and start over and now I'm polishing and using it as a base coat, as well as reapplying daily! I can't wait to see what they'll look like next week! 

Have you used Horse Power? Did you love it or hate it?

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