G is for Glitter All The Way

2:12 PM

This year's holiday collections really didn't do much for me.  I have plenty of greens and reds and golds.  There were only two China Glaze's that I decided to pick up and one of them was only because my husband insisted.  This is the other. It's called Glitter All The Way.  It's a multi-glitter with bits of green, purple, red and gold.  It does have decent coverage; this is three coats.  It also dried pretty smoothly for such a concentrated polish.  This is two coats of top coat and no Gelous.  I don't really love the multi-glitter effect.  I just think this is too much in one bottle.  But if you're into multi glitters then this one has a great formula and is definitely worth the $$!

Thanks for following! Don't forget to check on what Emma and Kerrie chose for the letter "G".

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  1. Love this polish! I bought it but haven't used it yet.

  2. Gorgeous polish! I think it'd be nice to use it for a gradient over a creme.

  3. I love this polish! It's festive, but it doesn't scream Christmas. It reminds me more of mardi gras!

  4. I'm undecided on this one still. I love it in some swatches but others turn me off of it completely. It looks lovely on you!

  5. I really like the look of this polish, but I agree with Heather, it doesn't look very Christmas-sy.

  6. I have this one and I think I want to do a gradient with it. I don't mind it on all the nails but I don't love it like that either.

  7. Love it! it looks beautiful!


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