Zoya Vespa

7:00 AM

Today I have another Zoya Pixie to show you! This one is one of my favorites of the collection.  It's called Vespa and it's a lovely soft green color with silver shimmer.  It's hard to show the sparkle of these but they're very glittery in person.  Here's how Vespa looks with topcoat.

Super pretty, right?  I like that these can be worn both ways.  It's a little sheer like the other Zoya Pixie colors.  This is three thick coats of Vespa and it's especially noticeable in this picture that it's a little sheer. 

Isn't she pretty? *Swoon*

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  1. oo! ive been waiting to see what these look like pop up on my feed! gorgeous!

  2. This is definitely one of my lemmings! Love it!! :D

  3. Gorgeous! I cannot wait for these to hit Ulta.

  4. Perfect, love it!



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