L is for London...

7:00 AM

 It's time for another A,B,C polish! I'm super excited to bring you this one for today because it's also part of the brand new Zoya Pixie collection!! These are Zoya's textured glitter polishes.  I've already showed you a few of the OPI Mariah Carey textured polishes and I have one more to show you tomorrow so this is the perfect time to give you a little comparison of the two!  London is sort of a foggy grey polish and all of the Pixie's have tiny glitter in them, this one has silver.  My first impression of these was that they were super sparkly and pretty in the bottle.  They spread easily, like the OPI and are just as easy to control while polishing as any other Zoya polish.  One thing that's great about the textured polishes is that after the initial coat is dried you can easily apply other layers since the texture gives you a really great grip!  Second impression? These are super duper thin.  The OPI's I got away with two coats on...three at most.  These I was doing four of and they were THICK coats.  Thick coats equals ridiculous dry time since you can't just throw some quick dry top coat on there and call it a day.With thin coats the dry time is fairly quick but then you end up using five or six coats on some.  The first coat of this one barely made my nails a grey tint so it's really necessary to build them up.  I did like the finish better on these than the OPI but mostly because I thought the uniform glitter gave them a nicer overall look.  I also didn't think these were as obvious as the OPI textured polishes were. Mostly they just look like a matte glitter and its not super apparent that your nails are sandy.  They had a similar feel to them though, like a fine grit file. Not enough to catch on anything but enough that it's apparent when you touch your nails. Here's a close-up of London...

This is three thick coats of London and you can see that it's still a bit transparent in the close-up.  I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the Pixie's yet...but I have a few more to show you soon!!

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  1. It's pretty too bad its still a bit transparant after 3 coats!

  2. I love this polish! I want to try the Zoya pixie polishes, they seem pretty cool :)

  3. Ugh with the sheerness but I will probably still get this because it's so purdy!

    1. I still liked it even though it was sheer it's just annoying to have to do so many coats!!

  4. omg this makes me want them even more. mine are on their way. HURRY UP ZOYAS!!


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