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Today I have a trio of Models Own polishes to show you!  These polishes are now available on a website called, Littlewoods.  One great thing about the site is that allows you to purchase things out right, or to pay for them over a period of time so if you need to make a large purchase, you can do it without going broke all in one go!  Anyway on to the polishes.  The one you see above is called Champagne.  It's a gold metallic with a bit of a warm pink tone to it.  I really loved this one. It reminds me a lot of OPI Designer DeBetter but without the painful removal!  This is two coats of Champange.

Then we have Beth's Blue. Beth's Blue is a blue creme polish with a bit of a purple lean.  It's almost a periwinkle color but it's more blue than purple.  This is also two coats of polish and it dries to a shiny, gorgeous finish. These photo's have no top coat!  This color will be amazing come spring when pastels become big news!  Finally...

we have Coral Reef.  Honestly I expected to hate this one. It's so bright and in the bottle it seemed very orange.  It turned out to be my favorite of the bunch!  It's just an amazing bright coral and again, look at the shine!!  These applied really easily and were all  opaque in two coats.  The only complaint I have about this brand is the smell.  I'm pretty good about using three free brands and 99% of my polishes have a really subtle odor but these are pretty strong.  That's standard of the brand though.  I have quite a few Model's Own and I can vouch that they're a really great quality for the price!! Which one of the three is your favorite?

You can pick up these and more Models Own polishes (plus loads more!!) at

These polishes were sent to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinion.

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