O is for One Kiwi A Day...

12:52 PM

For today's ABC Challenge I have a gorgeous Essence polish to show you! It's called One Kiwi A Day and it's from the Fruity collection.  It's basically a shimmery pastel green polish with little greenish blue glitters in it.  I like that when it builds up the glitters get sort of muted and the shimmer starts to flash more.  This is three coats and it builds to a nice opacity even though it starts out pretty sheer. I used the Essence Fruity top coat over this cause it smells like fruit!! :)  It does dry pretty shiny though even without top coat!
Do you have this polish?

Don't forget to check out what Emma and Kerrie had for the letter "O"!!!

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  1. So beautiful on you, I need to use my bottle!

  2. Pretty! I love the tiny bits of glitter x

  3. that one is definitely my favorite from this essence collection!


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