OPI Get Your Number

7:00 AM

I have another of the Mariah Carey for OPI shades for you today.  This is another of the liquid sand colors and it's called Get Your Number.  This one actually reminds me a lot of the Justin Beiber collection that was released by Nicole by OPI some years ago.  This color is quite similar to Me+Blue except that it's a bit lighter and of course, it's textured.  This is two coats and again it dried quite quickly to this gritty finish.  What I like about these is that even though they have a slight rough feel to them, they really don't LOOK super rough.  They just have an interesting sort of quality about them that makes you look twice!  Here's a close up of this one:

It's really difficult to capture, but this one was super sparkly and had holographic glitter particles throughout it as well. You can see them glinting in the background on the bottles.  

Did you purchase Get Your Number?

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  1. No I didn't, I invested in "the impossible" instead. I didn't like the light blue too much, but I'm very content with the red one :)

  2. Your bottle looks lighter than mine! Weird!

  3. this is the only one i got, mostly because it was the only one left at the beauty supply when i went a couple of weeks ago! but it was my favorite in pics so i was glad it was the only one there! yet to use it, of course.

  4. Great mani! I have Giveaway in my blog. Enter if you like it: http://kati-kz.blogspot.com/2013/02/my-first-international-giveaway_4.html

  5. I really like this colour. I have been deciding whether or not to pick any of these up. I think I just might now ;)


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