Hearts a-glitter

7:00 AM

This is another really simple manicure for Love and Heartbreak week with the Digital Dozen.  Lately I've been really getting into the nude with a flash of color look.  One thing that's really cool about them is that whatever you pair them with really pops and yet it's still soft enough that you can wear it to work or professional events.  Last month I reviewed the butter LONDON GOOP collection and I know I said that the only must have is Hampstead  Heath but I retract that statement! The one I've used the most is this one, Bread and Butter Pudding.  I'm dying over how shiny and healthy it makes my nails look.  It reminds me of a subtle gel mani I had ages ago.  Anyway for this one I went simple and just added a burst of color at the base with some glitter and two little hearts on the accent nail. :) Simple and sweet. Just like me. :P

Colors Used:
butter LONDON Bread and Butter Pudding
Deborah Lippmann Flash Dance
Essence Gabriella
Prolana Quick & Slick Top Coat

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  1. Perfect! I am really enjoying nude with a pop of color as well.

  2. Subtle and gorgeous, love it, colors are a good choice.

  3. I really love the subtle choices for this mani. Sometimes it's nice to break away from all of the traditional colors and go with something soft and lovely!

  4. So pretty! That butter LONDON is lovely!


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