Rose colored lenses

7:00 AM

Well..this mani was  both a fail and kind of a win at the same time.  I wanted to try out the splatter technique that everyone is doing but I tried a lot of different ways and it just wasn't giving me the effect that I wanted so I decided to go about it a little differently.  First I polished my nails white and top coated.  Then I thinned some polish until it was very liquid and dipped a large paint brush into it.  After it was nice and loaded I held it over my nails and just lightly tapped the base of the paint brush to cause little splatter drops to fall onto my nails.  I layered them and then added a little more white (using the same technique) to create these rosy marbles on my nails.  Honestly, I kind of love it even though it wasn't the intended outcome.  From a distance some of them look like hearts and roses and the whole thing has a very marbled, luxe feel to it.  I considered adding glitter or some kind of sparkly enhancement but decided ultimately to leave it as is.  

It's so soft and pretty! :)  Don't forget to check out what the other girls of the Digit-al Dozen came up with for today's Love and Heartbreak challenge!

Colors Used: 
OPI Sparrow Me the Drama
butterLONDON Knees Up
Zoya Purity
Seche Vite

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  1. This is lovely, Bee! So elegant, and I love that it looks like roses in some spots. What a happy accident!

  2. This is so cool, and I love the technique you used - I'm going to have to try that!

  3. I haven't tried splatter yet...very cool!

  4. i really love this - i think it looks more beautiful than the splatter would have x

  5. This is so pretty and romantic!

  6. Before I read your post I thought you'd done a watercolor design with acetone. I like how this turned out in the end even through it wasn't quite along the lines as what you wanted.


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