That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling...

7:00 AM

For today's Love and Heartbreak mani I decided to go a little outside my box!! I got a canister of flocking powder from a wonderful friend in the UK and I literally couldn't wait to try it out! I've used flocking powder before from the craft store but I had heard that nail flocking is finer.  I can say with a fair amount of confidence that this is the truth.  The nail flocking made a much softer finish on my nail and it seemed to last longer.  It was just a happy coincidence (or the result of having over a thousand polishes!) that I had a polish color which very nearly exactly matched the powder she sent me!  I polished on two coats on all nails and then dipped my accent in the powder and pressed it around.  This lasted on my nail for about three days before I took it off to try something new.  One warning: if you have pets, this nail will be FULL of pet fur!! My kitty left so much fuzz on my fuzzy nail when I petted her!  Anyway I jazzed up my other nails with a simple patchwork stamp. I tried t make it kind of random but it didn't really turn out.  Oh well. You can't win them all!!


Don't you just want to touch it? :P

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  1. The flocking powder looks great as an accent nail! I love the color of it too.

  2. Lovely! You make flocking powder look classy/chic :)

  3. Oh my gosh I DO want to touch it!! It looks so soft and fluffy, I love it!

  4. Love love love! And the colors...gorgeous!


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