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This is a mani I did awhile ago that I sort of forgot about!  I just found it in my cache the other day and thought it was a perfect time to show it off!  It features one of my favorite color combinations: green and gold!  It's a simple combination but I loved it anyway! The base on this is a Duri color and I have to say, I'm still really loving Duri.  Not only are they affordable but this is ONE coat of polish.  ONE. COAT. Plus they dry super shiny.  I can't wait to get some more of them!!

Colors used:
Duri: Summer In the City
Lynderella: Change

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  1. this is absolutely gorgeous! Love the gold and green together.

  2. Such a pretty combo. I'm loving this green.

  3. Those shade of greens and gold works well together. I'm liking the gold layered on top

  4. Aww my little bottle of polish is loved again! It looks so much better on you!

  5. This looks really beautiful, I am going to have to find similar colors in my stash and try this look. Thanks for sharing!

    And in case you were wondering, I DID sing your post title as soon as I saw it.

    Leslie :-)

  6. glorious xx and how can anyone NOT love Duri? xx


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