What Wizardry Is This?

3:20 PM

Well I visited my local beauty store today in search of some new pretties for my collection.  I came up sadly short handed. The China Glaze Avant Garde collection display was full. No surprise there. It's basically your standard creme Spring colors with some shimmer haphazardly thrown in.  Then there were a few of the OPI Euro Centrale collection leftover. I keep eying It's My Prague-ative but I just don't see myself really wearing it.  All in all the new collections have been really underwhelming for me.  Then I turned a corner and caught the OPI Oz The Great and Powerful collection. Most of the display was wiped out which is lame. I really wanted the glitters but upon finding that they still had the swatch panel I have to say I was really let down again. When Monkey's Fly, the glitter I had my eye on is basically just large hexes and the other two: Lights of Emerald City and Which is Witch, are really pretty overplayed as well. I may still grab Lights of Emerald City when it's back in. Square glitters are hard to find. Anyway as I was getting ready to leave empty handed I spotted this gem.  It's called What Wizardry is This and it's a new Liquid Sand polish. It. Is. Stunning. It reminds me of a deeper toned Warm & Fozzie.  It has SO many gorgeous sparkles and it's just amazing on my nails. It almost looks like sparkly stone.  It's MUCH prettier in my opinion than the previous liquid sands and I love that it doesn't have larger glitter chunks in it which ruin the effect somewhat. This is two coats and it's absolutely flawless. It could be one of my favorite polishes of the year!  I feel like this one is really a must have!

Do you have any polishes from the OZ The Great and Powerful collection? Witch (teehee) is your favorite?

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  1. This nail polish is awesome! I don't have polish from the OZ collection, but I have OPI liquid sand polish, and I really love this texture, Soooooo amazing! :)
    Now, I'm very curious about Zoya Pixie Dust Nail polishes.

    1. I like the Pixie's too but they're less obviously textured and are much thinner. You can layer them though!!

  2. So pretty, your picture is so crisp and yummy!

  3. I need this in my life. If I get no other texture polish I must have this one!

  4. i really want to get this polish! i hope my store has it still!

  5. I'm pretty excited for this one! I hope it's not to warm for my skintone!


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