Tape On Me...

7:00 AM

Day four has arrived!!  Today I did something a little bit outside my box for the challenge!!  I really wanted to do cassette tapes but I'm not even kidding you...I was scared for the execution of it! First of all...my nails aren't square at the moment. Second, there are color choices since most tapes are grey on grey or white or black or something equally lame and dull and ridiculous to photograph.  Third there are those little wheely things with spokes, which by the way, are called the supply reel...nightmare! BUT I wanted to try it out anyway and when I sat down to do it I realized that to my horror...my nail art brushes were nowhere to be found. So ladies and gentlemen, I did this using only polish brushes and a dotting tool.  I think they came out pretty nice under the circumstances! One thing I will note is that on the pinky it actually looks like you can see some tape through the window...this was a happy accident caused by dragging the polish when it was still wet and therefore causing it to mix with other polish!  I used Deborah Lippmann Let's Hear It For The Boy, Zoya Dove, Carey, and Pippa, Models Own Moody Grey and Wet & Wild White On to complete this look. So for today's musical share?  I wanted something geared towards tapes but I don't get into 80's music much SO...I'm sharing a song that my sister and I have LOT'S of fun with!! 


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  1. Loving the retro cassettes! I did chuckle reading about your apprehension at starting the design of it... I get this same anxiety when I try something out of my norm lol :) Great post!

  2. This look so retro i love it! Also wow on no nail art brushes!Skills!

  3. Love the retro look of these ;D

  4. You did a great job!! I love the colors...this is too cute!

  5. Tape on me! Tape. On. Me. Tape me on!

    Hahaha! Love it! And those tapes are flippin' fantastic! :)


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