Flashback Friday: Betsey Johnson

12:00 PM

It's time for another Flashback Friday!! It's been awhile since I did my last one and it took me a little bit to decide what to recreate! I think this one is a good one because it's a combination of French manicure, moon manicure, and freehand vs. stamp.  It's from March of 2011 so almost two years ago. See when I first started doing nail art I wasn't part of any nail groups online.  I hadn't done much research and I wasn't really that great at doing much more than some dots.  So I invested in some stamps and for my first BIG challenge I did THESE nails....warning: they are a HOT. MESS.

I started this blog, as I'm sure most of you know, because I was sharing my nail art all over my Facebook page and texting it to my friends and family and I wanted a place where I could just put it up once and everyone could see it.  It was also intended to be sort of a personal journal of my art. So naturally, clean-up, photography and other blogger no-no's weren't really a concern of mine.  I polished. I took a quick pic. I uploaded it with a color list. I was done.  Originally, I used a stamp to do the leopard print and now, I'm able to freehand it.  I really prefer the freehand version too because the print is a bit bigger and it makes the design less busy.  Originally I used a tip guide to do the pink tips.  For the second version I free handed them.  I've always been fairly decent at free handing tips so I don't know if that's really an improvement BUT for the original I stamped and then had to figure a way to color OVER the stamp so I did white and then pink and ended up with super thick tips.  For the new version I used a cotton swab in acetone to remove the gold from the tips and then filled it back in with the hot pink.  For the original version I used a guide for the moon and for the new version I free handed it.  For the original I stamped a white bow and then tried to fill it over with a pink. For the new version I used a white/color single stamp technique to do it all at once.    I think of all the mani's I've done this one probably shows the MOST progression. I love it both ways though!  It was based on some Betsey Johnson earrings I got from my husband. :)  I used two of the same colors for the new one: Orly Luxe and Prince Charming.  For the black I used Zoya Raven for the new one and since I don't have the pink anymore either I used butter London Primrose Hill Picnic for the new version.  Which version do you prefer?  How much do you think you've improved since you started?

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  1. Wow, this is awesome! Leopard is ALWAYS awesome! It's fun to see your improvement, but I still really like your cute original mani! :)

  2. You show a marked improvement! We all have to start some where & I think once a person starts blog hoping & seeing how good their nails can look, they make the effort to improve. If one starts blogging, the drive to improve increases cuz peeps are looking at one's hands close up.

    I prefer the simplicity of the recent mani.

  3. I love seeing the improvement! I started my blog the same way as well, my friends told me to since I would just post it on fb and everyone would ask me questions about it. On a blog I could explain it more :)

  4. love this - the new version really rocks x


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