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7:00 AM

It's day two of the Digit-al Dozen music challenge!! Today I wanted to do a design based on one of my most favorite things! Records!!  Yes, I am a vintage freak and records are my most favorite thing to buy and listen to.  I'm actually trying to get my husband to purchase me a portable record player. :P  The lighting on this picture looks out of whack but it's funny because it was taken the same way I normally take all my pictures.  I blame it on the neon's!  That green is almost glowing!  So this mani was fairly simple really I just did a half moon with neon's and then added some streaky lines with a darker grey color.  Easy peasy.  I used Zoya Raven, Purity and Carey and China Glaze Hang Ten Toes and I'm With The Lifeguard to create it.  For today's musical share I'm linking up one of my favorite records!  It's Diane Birch, a Carole King-esque folksy singer with a cool 70's vibe. :)  Don't forget to check in on the other ladies!!

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  1. Bee how did i not know this, i am insanely into records too. My mum salvaged about 100 records last week from some lady who was taking them to the dump so added to my already large collection i have so many now! I just think the sound quality is so much better with a record compared to a CD! <3 x

    1. The dump?! Arrrghhh!!! Glad you saved them! There really is something amazing about the quality of sound on a record!

  2. Great design ;D It's so easy but I definitely shows records ;D

  3. I love this as a half moon manicure!!


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