Happy Thanksgiving!!

12:00 PM

So if you live in the US then you know that today is Thanksgiving!! Last year I must have had a lot of free time on my hands cause I did a turkey nail design which I loved!  This year...well...time is tight! But I wanted to rock some festive nails for the day anyway so I perused the web for quick  but eye catching designs I could whip up in a hurry.  And I found this one! Better still...I have ALL the polishes she used!! Bonus! :)  Her photograph is SO SO much nicer than mine and this does not begin to capture the immense sparkle of these nails.  You literally CANNOT miss them because they're blindingly sparkly even in low lights.  I think it's the Electrify polish cause last time I used it I got the same crazy result. It's one of my favorite polishes of all time. :)  Anyway enough with the chatter!! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and eat LOTS of food!!  Here are a few things I'm thankful for this year:

My husband. :) He makes my life so much better just by existing.

My freedom. It makes me so sad that it's 2012 and still there are people who don't have this luxury.

My most best friend of ever in the whole world! :P  We've been friends for 15 years and still going!

My fat silly kitties. :) They love me even when no one else does. Because if they don't I don't feed them. :P (Kidding of course!)

And finally...coffee.  Because without it, who knows how many people I'd have killed by now. ;P

What are you thankful for?

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  1. I'm thankful for my fiance and all our pets. (1 dog, 2 cats, 10 rats, 1 hedgehog and 1 fat-tailed gerbil.)

    1. Hedgehog!! Aww!! I'm so jealous!!

    2. He's the cutest, and he's albino too, so he's very special in my eyes.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm thankful for my friends and family, my pets. I'm thankful to have a roof over my head and a job and I'm thankful something as small and really insignificant as nail polish opened up a wonderful world of fellowship and friends to me

  3. I still like your Mani.
    Ik thankfull for My family and My friends. Oh and Our pets. They really make My life more special.

  4. Great manicure, and I love your coffee cup - Dharma Initiative's Hydra Station? Lostie for life!!

    Thanks for sharing

    Leslie :-)


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