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10:25 AM

Pink Wednesday is here again! This time, for once, I am actually participating!  I can still remember back when Pink Wednesday was the ONLY weekly challenge I had to do.  Now there are so many that I can't keep up and honestly, I rarely do any of them at all.  I got in on the Models Own 50% off sale again though, and this is one of...or rather TWO of...the colors I snagged.  There wasn't a ton that caught my eye during this sale.  The first time around I had NO Models Own and was excited to get my hands on some so I went crazy, ordering something like 17 colors.  This time I knew I wanted to replace my nail art pen (I use that thing for like, EVERYTHING) and grab a few new pen colors.  I wanted to get the Mirrorballs, but they were excluded and all the Beetlejuice ones that I wanted I had already picked up from wonderful swap buddies.  So...I grabbed just a few colors and this is one.  It's called Tickled Pink.  It's sort of a bubblegum pink but it packs a helluva shimmer punch. It's so shimmery it's nearly a foil.  It's also a tad sheer and it required three coats for full opacity.  After I got it on I decided to try it matte...I LOVE matte finishes and this one has so much shimmer that it looks amazing as a suede.  Then I threw some Models Own Pink Fizz on the tips, matted again, and called it a day.  What are you wearing for Pink Wednesday?

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