Vote America!!

1:31 PM

If you live in the USA then you're already aware of the significance of my nail design!! If you're not, it's Election Day!! That magical day when we all stand in line, cast our votes, and hope for a better future for ourselves and our nation.  I'm going to keep this short and sweet and just say, if you're an American, and you're of voting age, get out there and make your voice heard!!  If you're not sure where to vote you can use this handy page to find out OR visit your official state page!!  

Thanks for following!!

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  1. I'm curious who's going to win! Anyways great mani! I love it.x

  2. Gorgeous! I'm in Australia and believe me even we are very aware it's election day :)

  3. This is super cute!! I love the glitters.

  4. Use an English polish? Go on then! It looks great on you Bee!

  5. Heart! - Way good! Am watching returns right now. It's ahead slightly then waaaaay too close for me. No way will I stop watching and pull up something on my DVR right now!


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