Dupes Up: butter LONDON Scuppered vs. Barry M Copper

11:55 AM

 It's time for another edition of Dupes Up!  Today I have a set which I already KNOW are not dupes.  I know this because one contains glitter and the other does not. However, the purpose of today's dupes post is not to confirm or deny the dupiness of the two, rather, it's to determine if having both is needed.  One thing I'll point out to start is that this bottle shot is making the bL seem MUCH redder than it really is.  On with the post...

Contenders for today:

butter LONDON Scuppered from the 2012  Holiday Collection
Retail cost: $14


Barry M Copper
Retail cost: £2.99

Here's a close up shot of the two.  Again the butter London is photographing much more warm toned than it is in reality. It does seem to have a lot more red/pink shimmery bits in it than the Barry M which I think is what caused the problem.  Both have an overall copper tone to them and then green and pink bits throughout which catch the light for a super sparkly look.  They are nearly indistinguishable in person, even with the tiny green glitter bits in the butter London. You can see them in this picture (it's on the right). Despite them though, it's hard to tell the difference from a distance.

Here's a picture of them on the nail.  We have the Barry M on my middle and pinkie finger and the butter LONDON on the others.  You can see in this picture that the base on these is basically exactly the same and the difference lies instead in the green glitter in Scuppered. Honestly, while it's fairly obvious in this picture, even in bright lights it was hard for me to tell them apart in person on my nails. In low lights...it IS impossible. I avoided getting Scuppered for awhile because I already have both this Barry M, and his dupe-y USA counterpart, OPI's Warm & Fozzie.  But they're still both stunning polishes!

Here's a close-up sun shot for you. You can see that the polish bases are sort of different. The Barry M has larger flake type shimmer which is mostly coppery and gold.  The butter LONDON on the Other hand, has finer glitter and has a smoother appearance close up.  That said, with your naked eye: the effect is the same. 

Verdict: Close enough that you only need one!!  These are not dupes but you definitely don't need them both. That is...unless you're a crazy polish hoarder like me! :P

Availability: butterLONDON is a Seattle, WA based brand which can be purchased in high end retailers and at Ulta Beauty stores. Snag them online at Nordstrom.com or butterLONDON.com.  Barry M is a London based polish brand which can be purchased at Superdrug, Boots and BarryM.com.

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  1. Those are super similar - funny thing is out in Google reader preview they didn't look similar at all so this was a pleasant surprise. I really love the extra green glitters in the BL though.

  2. Hm, I think I like the Barry M better. Not a big fan of the green glitter ;)

  3. Hmmm...I feel like I can see more of the glitter bits in the BL than the Barry M.

  4. I have the BarryM and Warm and Fozzie. They are basically the same, although the formula and brush are obv much better on the OPI. I'm so pleased you mentioned BL is from Seattle, it annoys me when people say it's British!!...xXx


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