Product Spotlight: CND Cucumber Heel Therapy

3:54 PM

Today I have a product spotlight for you!! I'm trying to work these in among everything else going on.  Holidays are hectic, even for blogs!!  These are just products that I use and love and recommend.  This one in particular is great for colder months but it works all year round and I love it for a few reasons.  One is that unlike most moisturizers, this one actually works from WITHIN to help hydrate and repair skin.  It's intention is for feet and let me just say, if your feet are callused, dry, or cracked this will work wonders for them.  I have clients who have started using it nightly and over a period of time, their feet look brand new.  Don't get caught up in the word "pedicure" on the label though! This stuff works wonders on elbows, hands, feet and anywhere else you have dry skin.  Another thing I really love about it is that it's very light but it still feels luxe.  We tend to have this idea that heavier product means that we're getting a deeper moisture but that's not the case.  All that greasiness those products leave behind are product that can't penetrate the skin. Gross, right? And useless to boot.  This soaks completely into your skin and starts working right away.  You only need a pea sized amount for each foot and I use about the same for my hands.  It keeps my cuticles looking amazing all year round.  

This is what it looks like.  Really, it has the consistency and look of pistachio pudding!  It's whipped and light.  It has a yummy fresh scent too!  And since it works from the inside OUT instead of the other way around, you'll start to see results ASAP and the more consistent you are with use, the better the results will be.  You can pick this up at most nail retailers who carry the CND brand.  I get mine at CosmoProf.  One jar will last you around three months with regular use.  :)

Have any of you tried this product? Did you love it or leave it?

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  1. I have used CND polish and loved it since the 80's...I have to work on my heals ever day - I use a non distructable foot file that is made in the USA and called Swedish Foot File - or maybe it's spelled another way - Sally's sells them now and makes their own brand (which their own brand is not the good one - opt for the original)...I also found it in some drug stores now...used to only get it at one beauty supply that is gone so glad they are around - but then the 1 I have had is now a good 6 yrs old and still fine... I used to go through at least 2 foot files every month prior to this. I do use Barielle Total Care Foot cream and love it. In winter when it's cool I wear socks over it to bed.


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