C is for Chuck

7:00 AM

Today for the A,B,C challenge we have the gloriousness that is Chuck. Can't you just swoon over him?  I don't get much into his namesake.  The Gossip Girl books were a super fun fluff read for me but the show is just...well I don't have kind words for it so I'll just leave things at that.  But I die for the Essence twins and aside from Edward and Bella (another fun fluff read ruined by the big screen!) I think this one is my favorite.  Not only is he a gorgeous, bright blue but he's also opaque in two coats and shiny when he dries. :)  I didn't want to do much in the way of art today and matte top coating Chuck made him into a serious mess. :(  So here's him with his glittery soul mate, Blair.

Aren't they beautiful?

Don't forget to check out what Emma and Kerrie have for the letter "C".

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  1. Looove this shade of blue! Almost looks like Nails Inc Bakers Street. And yes I do have to agree, GG the show is a hot mess but I'll watch it for Chuck. He's gorgeous and talented <3 As for Twilight, I thought the movies were a ton better than the books (I very much despise the books though so that's not saying much).

  2. Beautiful, your nails are looking great!

  3. I've never read the gg Books but you're totally right About The twilight part.
    Chuck looks beautiful.


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