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Today I have some fun for you! I was SOO good September and October. I added practically zero polishes to my stash and even managed to clear a few out.  I did get the Zoya Gilty set in October...but in my defense, I bought it in September on a pre-sale. So...this month I've added a few pretties to the stash BUT I'm really trying to only add things I really want and am going to use from here out. I have way too many at this point and it's difficult to even find what I want. I start going through drawers and find things I didn't even know I had. I know...first world problems, right? You can help me unload by visiting my blog sale. :) More will be added soon I'm sure but it's work going through all these!  So here we go with the additions!  Above are my new Duri's.  Duri is a brand I hear a lot about from professionals and it's always advertised in the nail magazines I get but I've never tried it.  Most people I know are familiar with Rejuvacote, their strengthener, but not much else.  I finally found an online retailer for them (which let me just say, was NOT a pleasure to work with) so I snagged some.  Since I'm not really familiar with them and couldn't find much in the way of swatches, I ordered a few I thought looked pretty and then relied on some friends for a few. :)  What did I grab?  From the top left we have: Irish Coffee (a one coat brown which is amazing for stamping!), The Big Score, Indulge My Whim, Angels and Demons, You Belong To Me, Summer in the City, Summer Rain, and Summertime Blues. 

Of course I also snagged the infamous Rejuvacote and also a bottle of their Hemp Seed Liquid Wrap.  I have to say, this stuff is really great. It has fibers of hemp in it to help strengthen nails but it also smooths them and makes a great base to polish on top of.

Grabbed these China Glazes on clearance. I really wanted the new magnet because I have lots of magnetic polish so it gives me three new designs right off. I also grabbed the one bottle of magnetic polish that didn't look like one I already had; Con-fused. The other is Cast a Spell. It's fabulous and reminds me of a deep green version of Midtown Magic.

Also snagged two new Orly's.  It's been awhile since I added an Orly to my collection which is funny since my first salon brand polish WAS an Orly.  Anyway I kept going back and forth between Essie's Beyond Cozy and this Orly; Halo.  I finally decided on Halo since the glitters in it are different sizes. Also got this So-Go Diva.  It was the only of the new glitters I had my eye on and was on clearance. I'm glad I waited...I'm not in love.

Nails Inc. Got these for free at Sephora with a gift card. Yay!  Sweets Way and a mustard color called Hampstead Gardens.

OPI Bond...James Bond.  I really wanted these OPI magnetics because they're sort of sparkly.  BUT I didn't really love the price tag.  However, I found one finally for a steal and when I looked at the three it seemed like two of them are dupes for the Barry M glitter magnetics. So I only got this one. The magnet is cool and this is EPICALLY gorgeous.  A win in my book.

I caved and bought the Zoya Ornate Collection.  I kept seeing them on blogs and thinking, no I don't need that.  But I did. I really did.  The only one I skipped was Electra. I have enough bar glitter in my life.

Indies! I'm not a huge indie girl, I don't know why. Part of it is the price tag and the other part is I've gotten so many that aren't that great. But I'm working on it!  Dollish are among my favorites and I got this mini Cold Winds are Rising from a friends blog sale.  Also got Candy Lacquer Argyle which I'm in LOVE with.  The large bottle on the left is a franken from a great friend which is amazing for fall.  Then I also finally got the breakfast duo from Tough As Nails Lacquer.  I LOVE Go Sit on an Egg. The Baconian Method is nice but I'm not totally  in love with it. Not surprisingly, my husband liked it best.

And finally...a gift from my husband; Butter London's Two Fingered Salute!  He said he also tried to get Deborah Lippman's Ray of Light but they didn't have it. Sad face. This one is my perfect polish though, I wish it were a TAD bluer. But all in all it's really a stunner. 

What have you picked up this month?

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  1. love haul posts, but your nail care and swatch posts are my faves!

  2. I'm definitely snagging the Ornate collection, and I really want to grab one of those Nails Inc Sprinkles polishes. In regards to indies, I don't know if you've tried dandy Nails. bu if you haven't, you should. Sandy is a sweetheart, and her polishes are great. She's actually the only indie maker I own polishes from right now. :)

  3. What a great haul :) Nevermind September and Pctober lol this is perfect. I'm looking for Rejuvacote, can you share where you bought it? Or if you know somewhere... thanks :)***

  4. I am going to need to get that Breakfast duo! Great Haul!


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