E is for Elle's Spell

7:00 AM

Well with the holidays and the unforunate tragic events around the world over the last week, I guess my fellow bloggers, Kerrie, Emma, and myself, got a bit distracted from our A,B,C challenge.  But fear not because we're back this week with the letter "e".  This is Barielle Elle's Spell.  It's the only Barielle I own and really, I don't know if I'll keep it.  I bought it amid a torrent of blogger lust over it and don't get me wrong, it IS pretty.  But this is FIVE coats.  FIVE. I know it's a jelly and I love jellie's but I feel like in order to really see the flakies it's important that this is built up a little more and it took quite a few coats to get to that point.  It's also lovely layered over darker colors but I really don't get into layering polishes much. I have a million and I rarely use them.  Anyway Elle's Spell is a red/cranberry jelly with color shifting flakies. I believe it's still available to purchase and runs about $7.99. :)  Do you have Elle's Spell?

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