BadAss Polish: Bling

7:00 AM

It's time for another BadAss Polish swatch!! Today I have Bling for you to drool over.  I think this was my favorite of the four I received.  It's a mix of gold and silver glitter and it's just SO...Bling-y.  It sparkles so much!  This is one coat of Bling over Zoya Purity.  Just for fun, here's a shot of it in the sun:

Sparkly isn't she?  This one was really easy to work with.  It wasn't thick at all and it goes on like a dream.  One thing I found interesting about this one and the last one (which I'll be showing you tomorrow) is that even though they are very glittery and, as you can see, very concentrated, they dry very smooth and shiny.  I would have expected a slightly gritty finish.  It was a VERY pleasant surprise!  Now let's have some fun with colors!

I have Zoya Ziv on the first two fingers here and on the last two I have a base of Duri Angels and Demons.  It's a gunmetal grey metallic.  This is gorgeous on both!  Again I've only used one coat of  Bling and it's just SO darn sparkly!  I'm in love!! I'm going to try this with a white jelly later and see if I can get an Eggnogoholic effect out of it!  This will be perfect for the  New Year's parties too!

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