F is for...Fatty's Got More Blood

7:00 AM

  I actually have worn this color before but it's been ages and ages and I'm glad I brought it out again.  I had forgotten how much I love ManGlaze.  Not only are the colors GORGEOUS but they're also so easy to apply and they dry fairly quickly for a matte polish.  Better still they seem to wear better than most matte's. They also have fun names, of course, like today's blood red pick!! All that aside though, the thing I love most about my ManGlaze polishes is that they don't just look amazing matte....they look crazy amazing shiny too!

Gorgeous! They're all so shimmery and pretty.  It's almost a shame to wear them matte, but then again...I'm a sucker for a good suede too!!

Do you have any ManGlaze polish? Do you prefer it shiny or matte?

Don't forget to check out what Emma and Kerrie have for the letter "F"!

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  1. argh i STILL haven't worn this ... i must !! xx

  2. erhhhh.. Matte and then shiny or nah. Can't choose both ways it's pretty ;D

  3. I haven't thought about ManGlaze for such a long time! Forgot how awesome this one looks! Really loving this shade of red this winter


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