Christmas Tinsel

9:09 AM

Well it's the final day of the Digit-al Dozen does Festiveness!  I couldn't end the challenge without doing at least ONE Christmas design. So here it is!  Honestly, I've been really uninspired about Christmas in general this year.  I've had a lot going on and it didn't occur to me until the other night that the past three Christmases have passed without much celebration on my part.  I used to love watching Christmas films and putting up the decorations with my family while listening to Christmas music  but the past few have been more of a last minute throwing up of the tree and then the annoyance of taking it down (finally) mid-January.  In light of that...the other night I made my husband take me to the store to get some decorations.  I've made some little snowflakes out of fun paper to hang around the house AND we decorated gingerbread houses while listening to She & Him's Christmas LP on the record player.  I've even watched TWO Christmas films this year AND I'm wearing fun Christmas themed socks everyday til Christmas. You can view them on my instagram account if you're so inclined!  Despite that this will likely be the only festive nail art for me since it's really difficult to find time for polishing during this time of year.  I used colors from the Zoya Ornate collection for this design.  The base is Logan and then I added ornaments in Aurora and Blaze and added a tiny french tip with Ziv.  Then I used some fun glitter I got in a swap with The Crumpet herself to make some tinsel. I hope you all enjoy it and don't forget to slow down and enjoy the holiday season this year!

This weekend I have some crazy fun posts coming including some new BadAss Polish swatches and a dupe post so don't miss them! 

And don't forget to
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  1. These are cute! I love how you used the glitters for them!

  2. I love the 3D look of this! And I love the She & Him album!

  3. I did something similar this week! glad to see I'm not the only one. I've gotten lots of compliments on mine. Yours look great, I think!

  4. This looks fabulous! I love the glitters, it gave it so much depth :D

  5. I'm the same way about Christmas, so I joined a challenge to get myself into the spirit faster haha. I really like those elf socks!! (in your Instagram lol)

  6. So cute, I love that fun glitter!

  7. yay, i thought i recognised it :) xxx


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