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5:04 PM

 I have something exciting to show you today!! There is a new indie brand on the market and it's one you'll want to check out!  The brand is Bad Ass Polish and the little tube above is the way it comes packaged.  The tube is pretty sturdy, my cat knocked them off the kitchen counter onto the tile and it held up! If you don't believe me, check out this video of the creator tossing the tubes onto a concrete street. The polish inside was, of course, unharmed as well!  When you open the tube there is a little message inside from the creator, Amy.

Nice, no?  Not only does it thank you for you purchase but it also let's you know that there is a piece of felt inside the tube that you can use to remove the glittery polish!

  Here is the tube from above.  You can see the little piece of felt wrapped around the polish.  It adds cushion while the polish is in transit and then you can use it later to remove the glitter (if you so choose!)

 This is what the whole thing looks like.  The polish I'm showing you today is called America's Team and it's from the "Are You Ready For Some Football" collection .  It has a few sizes of silver glitter and blue stars inside.  Isn't the packaging nice? I don't think I've yet received an indie with such sturdy, professional packaging so I was impressed out the gate.  Now onto the fun part!! The swatching!

This is one coat of America's Team over two coats of Zoya Purity.  I expected to have issues fishing the large stars out but actually, I didn't with this one.  I managed to end up with one star per nail without any maneuvering or fishing.  The polish itself is moderately thick.  It's not hard to work with and as you can see, it doesn't really seem goopy but it's a bit thicker than a standard polish.  I shook mine pretty good before I started, as I always do with glitter but I don't notice any settling of the glitter if it sits so I don't know if it was really necessary. One coat of Seche Vite and it was smooth and shiny.  I really loved it over white.  But then I decided to try it over silver too!

With this one I decided to try for more stars so I fished a few out and placed them on my nails.  This is pretty typical with polishes with large shape glitter.  I've even had to do it with main stream brands like OPI, and you might remember with my LynB indie swatch of Zero I had to do some fishing.  I don't mind doing it to get the larger glitters out.  I think I prefer this over white but the silver was nice as well just the silver glitter got kind of lost on it.  This is one coat of America's Team over two coats of Barry M Silver Foil.  Which way do you prefer it?

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 You can purchase Bad Ass Polish at her Etsy store. 

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  1. I like this but I am excited to see what else Amy has in store!

  2. Oooh cute packaging! But I always end up throwing away the nice boxes anyways so I prefer if they don't do that because I feel bad for throwing it away lol. And the polish, would look so patriotic over a red! How neat!

  3. Really cute, and I love the packaging--looking forward to seeing more from Bad Ass!

  4. Oh, the packaging is just to cute! I love it! Can't wait to see more!

  5. Thanks for the review! Love the pictures and can't wait to see the others!

  6. I really like it over the silver! I thought this was one of the better large glitters I've used. Some I've had to pour into a small puddle and place them on that way, but this one's pretty easy peasy. ;)


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