A Neutral Christmas...

3:34 PM

I'm trying to integrate some Christmas designs into my hectic life at the moment!  It's been rough but I managed to squeeze this one in around midnight the other day.  It started as just a neutral nail since I had gotten my order from Zoya and wanted to try out Avery.  Plus the previous mani I had on was chipped to heck so I thought I'd throw it on quickly.  Then I decided to fancy it up a bit with some glitter.  I see this a lot from Manicurity and it always looks fab on her BUT...my Lynnderella Funny Money doesn't have a clear base like I anticipated (I should have looked into it first!!) so it kind of became a fail.   I tried to make it work by running an acetone soaked brush over the glitter to lift the base and had a fair amount of success but it's still a little dark on my middle finger.  Anyway I wanted to accent with something a bit more Christmas like than just a green/red glitter.  So I added a tape tree on my ring finger.  I used China Glaze Holly-day, Zoya Blaze and OPI Goldeneye for the tree.  Then I matte top coated all nails but the ring. I actually quite liked the look but I didn't top coat the glitters enough and they started to catch on things and drive me crazy a few days later! Oh well...on to the next! :)

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  1. Aww it's pretty! Love the natural colour of the zoya.xx

  2. As always absolutely stunning! <3


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