BadAss Polish: Dusk and OPI Absolutely Alice

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It's time for my last BadAss Polish swatch! I'm kind of sad about it...I WANT MORE!!  This one is part of the core line (just like Bling) and it's called Dusk.  Dusk is a navy blue micro glitter with micro gold glitter mixed in.  This is three coats of it.  It builds up pretty nicely and was super easy to work with.  It is a bit thick but it's not goopy at all.  I mentioned it yesterday and I'll say it again today; I'm amazed at the finish of these.  There is NO top coat on this.  That gorgeous glossy sheen is just Dusk on it's lovely own.  I'm crazy intrigued by the cram packed glitter and the still shiny smooth finish of these.  You can layer this one on top of other colors as well.  I didn't choose to do it for the swatches because honestly, once it was on I didn't feel like removing it!! These have decent wear time as well.  I'm SUPER DUPER rough on my nails this time of year. I spend all day typing and boxes and money just dry out my hands and nails to a crazy degree.  But I went four days chip free with these and NO top coat. A feat.  Now...there has been some buzz on the web about this being a possible dupe for the famously HTF OPI color Absolutely Alice.  Well loves, I HAVE Absolutely Alice.  So let's see how they stack up, shall we?

On the left here we have OPI Absolutely Alice.  It was part of the Alice in Wonderland collection back in 2009.  Today it retails for upwards of $15 a bottle.  I scored mine in a swap with an awesome friend!  On the right we have BadAss Polish Dusk which retails for $8.50 in her Etsy shop.  Off the bat I can tell you that Alice is a much brighter blue than Dusk.  It also appears to be much more concentrated in the bottle.  I apologize for the shine. :/  It's dark when I leave the house and dark when I return so natural light shots are hard to come by!  Here they are on the nails...

  And you can see again that Alice is a much brighter blue.  It IS much more concentrated as well.  This is four coats of Dusk and two coats of Alice.  Alice dried gritty while Dusk dries shiny.  BUT...Alice is completely opaque here while Dusk is still semi-sheer in certain lights.  Dusk appears more sparse on the nail while Alice is a SHEET of pure glitter and almost seems foil-like.  Both are sparkly and a bit thick but apply smoothly.  Honestly, I think both are lovely in their own way but if you were craving Alice and don't want to deal with the price tag, Dusk is a good substitute.  They're certainly NOT dupes.  But they're similar in inspiration.

Which do you prefer? 

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  1. Both are gorgeous but I prefer Alice.x

  2. The BA is pretty but I am a HUGE fan of Alice as well as Mad As a Hatter...I got lucky thinking they were going to really be popular and sell out. I bought about 6 bottles of each of them! I still have at least 5 bottles as I picked up a few more along the way - now I think I should sell some of my way too massive stash of dups I amassed.


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