Who Are You Wearing: Christmas Edition

7:00 AM

It's time for another edition of Who Are You Wearing!! Today I'm doing a special Christmas themed WAYW post. :)  I guess I'm starting to get into the Christmas nail art spirit because I've had new Christmas art on my nails pretty much everyday this week!  Anyway here's the inspiration nails for today's post:

The nails above belong to one of my most favorite famous people: Zooey Deschanel.  I think they're actually from LAST Christmas but they're still cute! My husband has been on the lookout for an ugly Christmas sweater for a work function lately and it reminded me of these Christmas sweater nails.  I was pretty worried about the reindeer and the poinsettia...but it didn't actually turn out to be that bad.  Here's my version:

The base on my nails is China Glaze Winter Berry.  I used a Models Own White Nail Art pen/brush for the entire design. Yes....FREE hand.  It's easier than it looks.  I started on the pinky and then did the middle finger since they're just lines.  Then I did the dreaded deer.  Basically all you need to do is to make a rectangle in the middle of your nail.  Then wing out a tail add some lines for feet, a dot atop another rectangle for the head and lines for antlers. Easy peasy.  Then the poinsettia.  It's really just diamonds so I just made some triangles to form the center and then added the tops and the lines. Again...easy.  I actually was able to recreate this without much trouble on my other hand BUT I didn't attempt the reindeer.  I had a deer stamp so I used that and added some antlers and a flipped tail.  I ended up really loving them but I think it might have been fun to do one in green and white for a kick.  Have you done Christmas sweater nails?

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  1. These are supercute! I haven't done chrismas sweater nails.xx

  2. This is so adorbs! Very Christmas sweater-esque. That's amazing that you used a nail-art pen! Well done!

  3. I love ugly sweater parties! They're so funny! I also love this nail look! Super cute!

  4. Omg you're like psychic! I totally did one a few days ago on my blog :) Or 2...I couldn't decide on which colors to use!


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