Happy Kwanzaa!!

9:01 AM

Day two of the Digit-al Dozen Festiveness challenge is here! For today I decided to go with a Kwanzaa theme!  Kwanzaa actually doesn't start until the day after Christmas but since it's a holiday festival I think it counts!  It's a week long celebration and it honors African heritage.  There are seven core principles in Kwanzaa and they are Unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith.  There are also seven candles to represent these principles.  I've only done five because my nails aren't really big enough to accommodate all seven! But I think you get the idea.  The colors are meant to correlate with the different aspects of the celebration with black representing the color of the African Americans; red for the struggle of the people; and green for the hills of Africa and hope. I used Nails Inc. Hampstead Gardens, China Glaze Winter Berry and Holly-Day, Zoya Raven and OPI Goldeneye to make the art.  I hope you enjoy!!

Don't forget to check out the other girls art work for today!

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  1. I had a few inspiration pics for Kwanzaa and it just wasn't working out for me! I love your mani and it's simplicity - it really brings out the true meaning of Kwanzaa!

  2. These are lovely! Perfect colors too!

  3. Ooh, these colors are so fabulous. I really love that Nails Inc. base color! Loving the sparkly polish for the flame, too


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