Red-dy for my close-up

7:00 AM

Day two of red week is here and I really think this was my favorite day of the challenge for me.  I know I shouldn't say that since it kind of ruins the rest of the I promise there are still cool things coming.  I just really liked this simple contrast.  I didn't know what to really do with the dots from yesterday and didn't want to add a ton more so I went ahead and turned them into a solid gold panel on my nail.  Then to add some pop between the gold and the red I added a thin outline of black with a Models Own nail art pen. It crossed my mind to stamp over one side of this or the other but I just couldn't stop admiring how clean it looked so I decided to edit myself and leave it as is.  If you're just starting to read along with the challenge, don't forget to check back at Day One to see what I started with.  Tomorrow things start to get a little bit crazy!! So stay tuned!!

And don't forget to check out what my fellow Red-skateers are doing for the challenge!!

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  1. Very Pretty; first though when i saw it: It reminds me of a Pokeball!

  2. i absolutely LOVE this - stunning !!

  3. Super pretty! Red and gold just look so good together.

  4. awesome! I like the way the two middle nails make almost one shape :-)

  5. I'm already loving the evolution--these colours are so beautiful, and I love the bold, bright contrast!


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