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6:28 PM

Well it's time for another episode of Project Runway. This week's episode was called "Fix My Friend" and the premise was that real women chose a friend who needed a make-over and each designer was in charge of making that happen.  I wasn't really into most of the clothes for this challenge although I LOVED this one. I'd totally wear it and I'm so glad it won.  I was a little surprised that Fabio pulled this out because I'm generally non-plussed with his work.  BUT the highlight of this week's episode was Ven's bad attitude.  The woman who he was paired with was *GASP* not a size zero.  Rather than taking this as a challenge, like MOST normal people who understand that in the real world, everyone isn't the size of a swizzle stick, Ven chose to take it as an opportunity to make his client feel like crap.  He actually told her that he didn't have a belt for her because they didn't have any big enough for her. Really?! Then he tried to say, well it's not his fault because he doesn't normally work with "real" women.  I was so happy when Heidi called him out on his bullcrap on the runway and I feel that, if for no other reason than he clearly has no tact and is not interested in working with REAL clients, he should have gone home.  Instead it was Nathan who got the boot this round.  I feel like Nathan's time was coming anyway, but I just think having a crappy attitude and making your client freaking CRY is unacceptable. Period.  It makes everything he makes to me ugly.  And to top it off, Ven isn't exactly going to be a supermodel anytime soon either. :('s my design based on Fabio's FABULOUS winning design:

I used Wet and Wild White On, Zoya Carey and Models Own Moody Grey to create the lines of his simple but stunning dress!  Thanks for following! Do you think the right designer went home this week?

Don't forget to check out Jewli and Emma's designs for this week!!

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  1. love the look and even though i haven't watched this season i know exactly where your coming from i hate people with bad attitudes especially when it comes down to narrow mindedness and making people upset for who they are, its not perfessional and for that you should be automatically kicked out x

  2. I was hoping Ven would get kicked off this week. He was soooooo rude to his girl. I used to like him but not anymore. Anyway, I love this mani!!

  3. this was my favorite dress too. that episode in general sucked though, everyone was kinda crappy about having to do things for "real women" and the clothes most of them made were soooo hideous. that poor short girl in that slutty blue dress....omg.

  4. I basically threw up in my mouth every time Ven spoke. I've been saying this whole season that I can't stand his attitude, but this week he really outdid himself. I think if the judges had heard the things he ACTUALLY said to his client and not his niced up version, he would have gone home. I'm also beginning to think he's only capable of this pretty folding/draping technique and nothing truly inspiring. *yawn*

    1. I'm with you Jewli!! I haven't liked him since the start. And I think people tend to forget that this is an industry where you just HAVE to be willing to work with people. ALL people. In order to be successful.

  5. I love your interpretations of these designs! I caught an episode last time I was in the States, but I really need to catch up. Heh, when I do, I'll be all, "Oh, yes! I remember those nails!" ^_-

    Seriously, belittling your client? So not cool. For any reason. I truly believe that designers like to work with rail-thin models because it's easier to translate a 2-dimensional concept drawing onto a barely-there frame. Actually taking a body's shape into account requires talent and skill, and without those, these designers' "artistic visions" are meaningless.


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