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3:16 PM

OK I'll admit that every time butterLONDON releases a new collection I get the feeling that I NEED them all.  This fall's collection is no exception.  Except is.  I went to the store the other day with the full intention of purchasing several polishes from the new OPI Germany collection.  When I got there one of the sales girls was RAVING about the new colors.  I was unimpressed.   I twirled them about in my hands and shined my iPhone flashlight on them (yes I do that. You can never be too sure about polishes in the bottle!), shook them and held them at all angles.  Boring.  So I decided to pass on them, go home and play with the hoards of polish I already have.  Here comes my husband with several familiar little square bottles in his hand, "Have you seen THESE?!" he asks me.  Well, in a word, yes.  But I'm kind of past the point of being impressed by holographic finishes and sparkly glitters.  That said...the polishes he chose are gorgeous.  His picks?  Trustafarian, the stunning polish you see above.  It's a light, sage green laced with linear holographic shimmer.  What I love most about this one is that it doesn't dull in the shade or lose it's luster under topcoat.  Its fabulously stunning AT ALL TIMES. And flawless application which I already expect from butterLONDON.  Also in his hands were Lovely Jubbly, which is no surprise to me since he's a sucker for glitters.  I was stunned at the smoothness of Lovely Jubbly.  I found the color and coverage very similar to the OPI Burlesque polish, Simmer and Shimmer.  But while the OPI polishes are thick and goopy, this one is perfect and smooth.  One coat of Seche Vite took away all grittiness and left it glassy smooth and shiny.  His final choice was Gobsmacked.  While I DO love the color, I have several dupes for it so we swapped it out for Shag, a fabulously decadent copper.  I'll be swatching all of these for you in upcoming posts but for now let's focus on Trustafarian.  I wore it on it's own for two days before I decided to 'jazz it up' a bit with some Essence The Huntsman polish.  I'm SO incredibly in love with the combination.  In the shade the butterLONDON goes green and rainbowy and the Essence lights up with gold and green flakes and glitter.  In the sun Trustafarian lights up like a disco and The Huntsman glitters like a pot of gold. Perfection.  My favorite combo I've done so far!!  I'm including a close-up of the two below so you can see the goodness!!

Thanks for following!! Do you have any of the new butterLONDON's?

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  1. Trustafarian is one of my favorites! I bought ALL of them because I was offered my new job on the day they came out and love them all!

    1. Congrats on the new job!! I want to get the other two from this collection but I have dupes so it just feels silly! (I'm sure I'll cave though :P)

  2. Beautiful! I'm a sucker for holos, always, and anything remotely related to green...And can I say WOW that your husband brings home polishes!! Mine would never, ever, EVER do that. EVER. ;-)


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